Dave Goulart
Owner, Pizza & Catering Gourmet, Topshell LLC

When it comes to food service in Rhode Island, Dave has seen it all. Having started out as a waiter in some of RI’s top restaurants, Dave eventually moved into catering sales where he catered to the areas most prestigious corporations, educational institutions and even to a president on a couple of occasions.  In 2005, Dave and Misty started the Pizza & Catering Gourmet and watched their business grow into one of Rhode Island’s premier catering companies.In 2010, Dave and Misty, along with their partners, Josh Wiley and Jack Parente, launched Topshell LLC.  In just two short years this small pizza shell business is selling their award-winning wood grilled pizza shells in every major market across the country.

Misty Scott
Owner, Pizza & Catering Gourmet, Topshell LLC                                

Misty is a native Rhode Islander and has worked in the food service industry for over fifteen years. With a background focusing primarily on event planning, in 2005 with the opening of The Pizza & Catering Gourmet, she became a “Jack of all Trades”.  Currently, Misty’s focus is in the accounting department and overseeing the daily delivery program.

Joshua Willey
Owner & Executive Chef, Pizza & Catering Gourmet, Topshell LLC                        

Josh is both an owner and the hardest working man in the business. A graduate of Johnson and Wales University, Josh began his culinary career at the Atomic Grill in Providence where he was quickly promoted to the position of Sous Chef. Later he moved on to The Spiced Pear at the Chanler Hotel working under Chef Richard Hamilton.  In 2006 Josh partnered with Dave and Misty and added the last piece to company ready to move up to the “Big Show” with a national brand. In 2010 the “3 Pizza Nuts” launched their second business, Topshell LLC and within just a couple of years has taken the pizza shell market by storm. As Executive Chef, Josh is responsible for Gourmet’s unique style and palette and was the innovator and driving force behind our widely popular Wood Grilled Pizza Shells. Josh currently resides in Attleboro, MA with his wife Liz and the most adorable kids in the world, Henry and Grayson.

Roberto Romero
   Managing Chef

Michaela Andrade
   Wedding/Event Sales

Joan Frappier                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Event Planner/Sales      

Megan Macfarlane                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Corporate Catering Manager