(25 guest minimal)

25-49 guests ($38.95 per person)

50-74 guests ( $34.95 per person)

75-99 guests (31.95 per person)

100+ guests (27.95 per person)


This includes the grill, charwood, kitchen tables, staff (based on 2.5 hours of food service), paper and plastic,  We also provide the tables and linen for your buffet, All you have to do is pick 4 pizzas from the varietys listed below and invite your guests!


Varietys (please pick 4):

Margarita: parmesan cheeses, fresh mozzarella, pesto, pomodoro

Mediterranean: spinach, mushrooms, feta

Old school pepperoni:  pomodoro, pepperoni

Simple peasant:  parmesan cheeses, pomodoro, parsley

Shrimp pesto:  grilled shrimp, pesto, pomodoro

Quattro Mushroom:  4 mushroom blend, gorgonzola, truffle oil

Sausage and green pepper:  parmesan cheese, sweet italian sausages, green pepper

BBQ chicken;  BBQ chicken, smoked gouda cheese

Buffalo Chicken:  blue cheese drizzle, celery

BBQ brisket:  grilled sweet corn, roasted red peppers

Steak and cheese: Shaved steak, mozzarella cheese


Looking for more?

Here are add ons (priced per person):

Garden Salad: $3.35pp

Caesar Salad: $3.55pp

Greek Salad: $3.75pp

Pasta salad: $1.50pp

Potato Salad: $1.50pp

Penne pomodoro: $3.45pp

Mac n cheese: $4.60pp

Penne marsala: $4.75pp

House made potato chips with gorgonzola fondue: $1.50pp

Fruit salad: $2.00pp

Wood grilled flatbreads with asst dips (tapanade, hummus, pesto) $2.75 pp

Cookies: $1.80pp

Cookies and Brownies: $2.75pp